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Protein Carbamylation Assays and Reagents

Carbamylation is a post-translational modification which occurs throughout the lifespan of proteins in vivo. Carbamylation results from the binding of isocyanic acid, spontaneously derived from high concentrations of urea and leading to the formation of carbamyl-lysine (CBL).

Our Protein Carbamylation ELISA kit quantifies CBL in a variety of sample types. Our Anti-Carbamyl Lysine antibodies may be used for Western blot and ELISA applications.

Research Assay Kits -
Product Cat. No. Description Quantity Price*
Protein Carbamylation Sandwich ELISA Kit, General KT-973 Detection sensitivity limit of 1.5 ng/mL of CBL-BSA. Rapid detection and quantitation of protein carbamylation. Kit provides sufficient reagents to perform up to 96 assays, including standard curve and unknown protein samples.  96 assays $727

* Prices are subject to change without notice.

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