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Checkpoint Kinase Activity Assays

Checkpoint Kinases (CHK1 and CHK2) can be activated in response to DNA damage prior to mitosis. Active checkpoint kinases can phosphorylate Cdc25c at Ser-216, which ultimately leads to cell cycle arrest. Mutations in checkpoint kinases can lead to decreased DNA repair and increased susceptibility to cancer.

Our Checkpoint Kinase Activity Assays conveniently measure the activity of these important enzymes and are available in two fomats.

Our 96-well Checkpoint Kinase Activity Assay Kit provides a non-isotopic, sensitive and specific method to monitor checkpoint kinase activity using its physiological substrate; it can also be used in screening checkpoint kinase inhibitors.

Our Checkpoint Kinase Activity Immunoblot Kit utilizes recombinant Cdc25C as checkpoint kinase substrate. After incubating the substrate with checkpoint kinase samples (such as purified kinase, cell lysate or immunoprecipitate), the phosphorylated Cdc25C is detected by Western blot analysis using an anti-phospho-Cdc25C (Ser216).

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