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Clinical Diagnostics - Immunoassay Reagents
For Use on Automated Chemistry Analyzers
Factor XIII
Method: Immunoturbidimetric
Format: Liquid
Linearity: 2.3 - 140 % (or value of highest calibrator)
Sample: Plasma

For In Vitro Diagnostic Use.

Cat. No. Description
Factor XIII
    R1:   2 X 9.5 mL buffer
    R2:   1 X 6 mL antibody

    Tests / Kit:   120 (Hitachi 917)
    (Can Vary Based On Analyzer Model)
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Recommended Calibrator
Cat. No. Description
Factor XIII Calibrator
6 levels prepared from lyophilized stock + diluent

5 vials of lyophilized stock and 40 mL of diluent included with kit
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Recommended Controls
Cat. No. Description
Factor XIII Control
5 x 2 levels, lyophilized
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